Point-Counterpoint : Gun Control

Following the recent shooting deaths at Virginia Tech, should Congress answer a renewed call for stricter gun control laws and enact tougher legislation?

Arguing the opposing viewpoints for Point-Counterpoint are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.


Luke Skywalker: In Opposition to Gun Control

I know the gun control is a sensitive subject, and in a galaxy as diverse as ours, there will be strong opinions on either side, each with their valid arguments. But when you start dictating who can carry what weapons, you cross into a territory I can only describe as ‘imperial’. Who will be the ones to decide who is worthy of carrying a weapon and which weapons are deemed acceptable? Is an outlawed BlasTech DL-44 really more dangerous than an E-11 Blaster Rifle? Why should a X-Wing be banned while a TIE Fighter is still accepted as a legal mode of transportation?

If you take away the rights of each and every member of the Republic to arm themselves, then the galaxy actually becomes less safe. When its citizens no longer possess the strength to stand up for themselves, who will vanquish the Dark Side from taking over? Without access to the most basic weaponry, one large collective group can stand unopposed and steamroll all the smaller, individual voices that make up this great galaxy.

lukeskywalker.jpg While I can agree that children should not be picking up blasters or toying with lightsabers, if the so-called ‘authorities’ dictate that nobody is allowed to carry a lightsaber because the Jedi arts are outlawed, then only outlaws will practice the Jedi arts.

What then becomes of all the 18 year-olds sprinkled throughout space on dried-up agricultural planets who are disillusioned with the Empire’s iron-fisted politics and the subsequent bleak future? How will they defend themselves, their unknown siblings and rag-tag bands of friends against against the tyranny and diabolical acts of a leader hell-bent on destroying them?

In a perfect universe, nobody would need a blaster. We could all sit back and let the Jedis dispense fair and just rulings. Violence between all species and sects would cease to exist. But this isn’t a perfect universe; People are tying to take over worlds, destroy peace and instill martial law.

Until the time comes when weapons are rendered useless and the galaxy lives in harmony, I’ll never ever give up my right to arms. The only way you’ll ever take my lightsaber from me is if you pry it from my cold, lifeless (and mechanical) hand.

Lord Vader: In Favor of Gun Control

I find this argument pointless and your lack of foresight in this matter disturbing. All weapons should be outlawed so that only the proper authorities and agents deemed to be working on their behalf are allowed to be armed. Why do you question me, you weak-minded fool?

vader.jpg Do you have any idea how many lives are lost each year to senseless and meaningless acts performed by desperate individuals in the name of some futile cause? By continuing to let rogue members of a now-defunct government arm themselves to the teeth, you put thousands of lives at risk.

These weapons have no other use than complete and utter destruction. It is because of a lack of total gun control in this universe that a terrorist organization has been allowed to, not once but twice, secure the necessary technology to blow up a major government installation. Thousands of Empire employees have perished, leaving their families with no support. Do you know what has happened to those families and thousands like them each time a rebel force thoughtlessly kills a stormtrooper or an AT-AT driver? They starve to death because the Empire doesn’t offer worker’s compensation or life insurance policies.

Can you tell me why the average moisture farmer would need a Heavy Ion Blaster? Is it for hunting womp rats? I think not. It is for rebels hell-bent on murdering members of the Empire, continually breaking the law and destroying decades of hard work put forth to instill order in the galaxy. Adopting a policy of tolerance only weakens the Empire’s ability to wipe them out and will serve to foster more sympathy towards their criminal causes.

I want every corner of this galaxy torn apart until all weapons are found! And bring me the terrorists, I want them alive!


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