They’re Baaaaack

After an off-season that seemed to fly by (probably even more so for the players themselves), the boys were back in action today against League Two side Wrexham. Fielding almost two different sides in each half and heavily populated with youngsters, visiting Liverpool notched a 3-2 win with Austrian striker Besian Idrizaj scoring a hat-trick.


(Pictures from Getty Images – Jourdy Brower on the ball)

I must say, I think the white shirt, black shorts and white socks is a solid look. Whether this will be favored over an all-white kit remains to be seen, but I think it will be the preferred away ensemble. I would also wager on seeing a white top, white shorts and red socks combo at least once this season, maybe in the Carling Cup.

The starting XI: Martin, Finnan, Hobbs, Paletta, Arbeloa, Pennant, Peltier, Sissoko, Hammill, Brower, Idrizaj.

The substitutions: Darby, Roque, Huth, Threlfall, Flynn, Spearing, El Zhar, Lindfield, Simon, Nemeth, Hansen.

You can read more about it on the Official Site, but by most accounts Bes had a stormer and he and Pennant did a good job of linking up on the last two goals.


Rafa said most of the senior players who didn’t feature today will play at Crewe next Saturday.

Interestingly enough, in the post-game press conference, Rafa also said Craig Bellamy is definitely off to West Ham, Cisse to Marseille, but he’s unsure whether Benayoun is coming to Anfield. I would expect the Bellamy and Cisse official announcements on Monday.

I suppose West Ham’s splurging probably also signals the relative truth behind the Tevez-to-United talk. That’s a shame. Rooney and Tevez should form a tough partnership, regardless of their similiarities.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Bellamy spouts off once he officially joins the Hammers, and if he does, what he has to say. I have this crazy notion that he’s unafraid to burn bridges. It should prove entertaining.

When the initial rumors surfaced that Rafa was interested in Bellamy, I was not happy. I didn’t care for his attitude and routinely used the word ‘cunt’ in referring to him. But, when the time came and he pulled on a red shirt, I welcomed him as ‘our cunt’. I remember saying it’s better to play aside that type of player than against and hoped he’d be a constant thorn in the side of opposing defences.

While I won’t slag him off for his efforts on the pitch this last season, now that’s he’s gone, I will definitely resume referring to him as a regular ole ‘cunt’.

Should Liverpool receive roughly £8M and £9M for Craig and Djibril, £17M will offset the price of Fernando Torres nicely. Shrew business. Even £14-15 million would be a solid recoup of money, which should allow for plenty (or enough) cash for whomever we’ve got targeted for the wings.

Oh yea, Javier Mascherano got his first international goal for Argentina at Copa America this week. Even better, it was the winner versus Paraguay. The Red Cauldron has the video. Congrats, Masch.


2 Responses to “They’re Baaaaack”

  1. 1 JT July 8, 2007 at 9:33 am

    Yeah, interesting squad for that game. I like that Pennant’s finding a touch of early form, albeit against weaker opposition [I still maintain he had that AC left-back under his thumb in the CL final, though].

    We must remember that this is the next wave of our beloved club. In 2 or 3 years, hopefully we’ll see some of these guys break through into the first team, especially Brouwer and Peltier [and that Idrizaj bloke].

    Also good to get so much money back so quickly in the Torres era. Left wing needs some cash splashed on it — the thought of seeing Kewell get any sort of regular PT makes me nauseous.

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