Video Killed the England Star(‘s Credibility)

As we wait on Benayoun and Babel (guess which one I’m more excited about), allow me to offer you a small apeirtiff in video form.

Firstly, I’ve really been enjoying watching Argentina in the Copa America. They’ve really been playing wonderful footy this tourney. It’s the perfect combination of dribbling and passing, individual flair and teamwork, without any of that Latin America/soft-touch dainty shit. This squad can play a very physical game, stay on their feet, and completely dominate a match. Y’all can have Brazil and their cute ball tricks. Give me Argentina.

The Argies rolled over Mexico last night, 3-0, to secure a final showdown with Brazil. The first goal came courtesy of current Liverpool ‘target’ Gabriel Heinze on a Riquelme free kick right before half-time. Truly class stuff.

Goals courtesy of 101 Great Goals


And, in the spirit of classy goals, Leo Messi’s sublime strike deserves some credit. When Messi hit this audacious chip, I actually shrieked outloud, “Holy shit, that’s sick!”

Our boy, Mascherano, played his usual quiet but effective game. While there was no third international goal, he did manage some hard/rash tackles and also broke up a promising Mexico break-away.

I wonder what kind of odds I could get right now on Argentina winning the 2010 WC in South Africa (or wherever the tournament actually is played)? 3 years out? No problem.

Back to Liverpool… Fancy some pictures of the team training, including El Nino? The Official Site has your fix.

Also, I came across this incredible video on YouTube last night. It’s not incredible because of what happens, it’s incredible because of the absolute lameness of everything associated with the clip. From the easily distracted mind of Rio Ferdinand, I give you the ‘punking’ of Peter Crouch.


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