Monday Brunch

 voronincrewe.jpgThe boys were back in action Saturday for their yearly pre-season match at Crewe Alexandra. While the outcome of these games aren’t really as important as easing back into game speed, seeing what the youngsters have to offer and escaping injury free, I enjoyed what I was able to see of it.

Sadly, my laptop’s wireless internet connectivity issues continue (along with my growing rage)(anybody who can help explain why I’m losing a once reliable wireless signal is greatly appreciated), so I only was able to watch roughly the middle hour. But, it was entertaining to see the lads constantly attack (in those crap away kits), finally put some faces with youth names and even catch a few goals in the process.

Only one thing really jumped out at me as I watched; I like the way Voronin passes. He slots the ball off nicely and seems to quite aware of what’s going on around him. Granted, the quality of defending at Crewe isn’t what it is in the Premiership, but I like the look of the new striker.

Having come in on a free at the same time we’ve splashed 20 mil on another striker, I would say expectations among Liverpool fans for the Ukrainian are relatively low. Out of the four strikers, surely he’s the one facing the least amount of pressure. Consider him my Darkhorse Performer for the upcoming season. While I don’t think he’ll carry a great deal of the scoring load, I’m willing to wager he’ll surprise a great many of you with some heads-up play.

After that, there wasn’t much else to get excited about. Two of the young ones scored, but neither was a cracker of a goal. But, they still count the same, don’t they?

Ironically enough, Carra played his 45 minutes at right back. I wonder if he and Rafa shared a laugh about that at half-time before he took the field.

In other Liverpool musings…


Fabio Aurelio will not be fit for the start of the season. Rafa thinks it could be another month until he’s ready and raring to go, which sounds about right. Coming back too soon from injury is a mistake legions of players (professional and not) have made, and too many of them pay the price by breaking right back down. Hopefully, he’ll be back with us and in good shape.

In stadium ‘news’ (which isn’t really new), the club will submit revised plans for the Stanley Park stadium by the end of the month. Basically, they want to build a 60,000-seater than can be expanded to 80,000. If the club gets permission for the new plans from city council, ground could be broken as early as this winter.

Rick Parry (via Soccernet) on the plans:

We know pretty much know what the final plans are. They will be unveiled in the coming weeks. I know people will be very excited with what they are, I have certainly been excited by them.

Whether we build an extension is partly a business decision depending on what the demand will be.

It is also driven by planning constraints with what we can achieve at the outset.

Suffice to say, the whole idea is building a stadium that has expansion capacity and more room than the previous one. The owners were concerned that if we were really going to be challenging long term, just in excess of 60,000 was too small. They have never made any secret that their plan was to get something significantly bigger.

At the end of the day, it’s not about building monuments, it’s about making an investment that will generate a return that will allow us to invest in the team.

For you US-based Reds, Werder Bremen vs. Liverpool is on Setanta live tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday July 17th, at 2:15pm. If you don’t have the channel or a friend who does, find yourself a pub with a dish. Have a job? Time to take a late lunch. Fernando Torres, despite a minor ankle injury, is expected to make his debut. (Replay at 10:30pm)

Also, on Friday July 20th, the Auxerre-Liverpool match is live on Setanta at 8:55am. Those of you without jobs, enjoy.

Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, the three goals against Crewe:

Peltier’s goal (21′)

Crouch’s goal (24′)

Putterill’s goal (58′)


1 Response to “Monday Brunch”

  1. 1 nate July 16, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    I’m in complete agreement over Voronin. What impressed me most outside of said passing was his strength and the fact that he almost always seemed to know where Gerrard was, or looked for him, with the pass.

    One would think that being able to combine well with the captain should bode well for his chances this season.

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