Labor Day Brunch

Just some quick nuggets now that the sun has reappeared after a long weekend…

  • Soccernet has blurb on the departure of Paco. With rumors swirling as to the reasons behind his departure, this article whets the appetite a bit more. Speculation over on RAWK included talk of a falling-out between he and Rafa, will one mention of it being over Harry Kewell. Will we ever know the truth? Doubtful.
  • Anthony Le Tallec is headed back to France… on loan. Yes, another loan deal. Will nobody pony up and buy him? The 22-year old will spend the season plying his trade at Le Mans after recent stints at Sunderland, St. Etienne and Le Harve. Of course, the terms of the deal include a possible permanent move at the end, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on getting him off the books.
  • In keeping with the French transfer thread, the Reds did bring in another player before the deadline. 19-year old holding midfielder Damien Plessi comes over from Lyon and will join the Reserves. And I’ll give you one guess to whom he’s been touted as being ‘The Next…”? Rafa’s thoughts on the youngster:

He is a good player, big and strong, and we’re sure he’ll do well for us. He’s only a young boy with plenty of time to work on his game but it depends on his progress how quickly he can force his way into the first team.

  • Per usual, you can watch this weekend’s PL highlights at Fox Sports. Tell me the introduction music (electric keyboard) and amateurish graphics don’t make it look like a cheesy 80’s video?
  • Speaking of the Devil, Fox Soccer Channel’s Nick Webster has reversed field on his earlier season’s predictions and fancies what he sees at Liverpool. I’m sure he’s declared his allegiance at some point in his writings, but quite honestly, I don’t pay him enough attention to remember. I do get the idea, though, that he’s friendly to the cause, if not a full-blown Red. Which makes this quote more fun:

…Last year I had Liverpool winning the Premiership title and I was horribly wrong. This season, I jumped off the wagon and I believe I’ve made another big mistake.

Due to the international dates, we’ve got ourselves a two-week lull in the action. But, come the 15th, we’re at Pompei and then take the first step towards Moscow with a visit to Porto.


2 Responses to “Labor Day Brunch”

  1. 1 george September 3, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    Just recently found your site and really appreciate what you are doing. I am a pretty new fan to the “Beautiful Game,” discovering it through the Fox Soccer Channel. Now I’m hooked. I wanted a team to follow and (now I suppose this is a pretty dumb reason) I chose Liverpool because I’ve been a fan of the Beatles for 40 years! (although I read somewhere that Paul McCartney is an Everton fan?). Anyway, I think Gerrard is the best, Pepe the best in goal, and Rafa can play mind games with anybody. The Reds are off to a great start and although it is early, it seems like they can play with anybody. Keep up the great work!

  2. 2 beingsven September 3, 2007 at 8:30 pm

    Welcome to the fold, George. I know of a few newcomers to the club this season through the blog, so you’re in good company.

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