Midweek Musings

On poor performances, red cards, ugly-ass uniforms and amusing commericials…

I must say, after the past two draws, I’m looking forward to seeing the team get back on track this Saturday. Birmingham comes to Anfield, and let’s be frank, this is exactly the type of team we can cut apart.

I expect blood to be spilled this weekend (metaphorically). I want goals and I want a clean sheet. And no penalties.

Got it? Good.

Moving on, by looking back…

Rafa had some things to say about the Porto game. Firstly, about the game in general:

We were really very bad in that first half, there are no excuses. We started very, very badly and it is hard to explain why because our build-up and preparation had been good.

It was easier to do the right things in the second period, but the damage had been done. We gave the ball away far too easily, we conceded clear chances and gave away a penalty that was also a correct decision.

But the second half was much better. We needed to show real character and that is what we achieved. We were more organised, there was an excellent work rate and there were positives to be drawn from the second-half performance.

We were playing against a good side and we have no complaints about the result.

Next up, the Gaffa’s thoughts on Pennant’s faux pas:

I have no complaints about the decision. It was correct. Hopefully Jermaine will learn from this experience. Maybe it will produce something positive for the future, the tackle in that position was just not needed.

It is difficult to understand why he did it, we had talked to him about staying on his feet and not making rash challenges. We were even talking on the bench about taking him off, but we just did not get the time to do it.


I expect to see improvement in this area of Pennant’s game. Just as he buckled down and played smarter last season, I want to see him use his head this season. Too often, and we’ve already seen it more than once this season, he loses his head and does something rash.

Sure, tempers flare, but Jermaine’s demonstrated a difficulty in keeping his wits about him when situations require a calmer approach. It’s unacceptable and curbing it has to be  the next step in his progression.

In other words, who the fuck makes such a dumb-ass tackle when they’re already carrying a yellow?

On the lighter side… We all know adidas had themselves a little laugh when they designed the new Chelsea away uniform. But, as it turns out, they didn’t stop there.

It seems poor old Marseille have also fallen victim to the cruelty of the kitmaker. Unfortunately for them, it’s the same basic template as our new European shirt, but taken to the nth degree. Because of the colors, I have to say, this might actually be uglier than the Chelsea kit.


Whatever you do, please don’t bring that bullshit to Anfield for our next CL match.

And, Nike continues its excellent advertising campaign on behalf of the US Women’s National Team. And, it looks like Jim Mike got the job.

The two latest commericals:


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