Midweek Hodgepodge

Just a few items now that I’ve calmed down and realized we won a game last night…

FourFourTwo magazine have named four Liverpool players in their ‘100 Greatest Players in the World’ poll. Stevie G came in at #6, El Nino is 34th, Masch 94th and Carra at #97.

For more amusement, the captain and last night’s hat-trick hero were asked to pick their Top Fives.

Stevie G:

  1. Kaka
  2. Messi
  3. Henry
  4. C. Ronaldo
  5. Ronaldinho


  1. Stevie G
  2. Kaka
  3. Ronaldinho
  4. Rooney
  5. Henry

I love how El Nino picked his captain first. Not that I’m arguing with his personal preference, but Fernando, you’ve got something on your nose.

Who knows how long they’ll be up for, but 101 Great Goals has links to last night’s goals.

They also linked to this montage/tribute video. Enjoy.

There is also a longer studio highlight package (complete with Rushie!), featuring an interview with Carra and El Nino. Actually it’s more like an interview with Carra as he and the interviewer talk about Torres as if he’s not standing right there.

In case you didn’t notice because your visibility was limited by the red mist that descended once you saw Torres play last night, Robbie Fowler popped up with two goals for Cardiff as they saw their way past West Brom in the CC. (video link courtesy of 101 Great Goals)

And back to last night; Carra has some thoughts about everybody’s favorite should-be starter:

It was his first hat-trick and hopefully there’ll be a few more. He’s won us a tight game. The difference was his pace, especially second half.

There were some great finishes, but it’s not just his goals, it’s his all-round work-rate. He’s a real team player. If he doesn’t score he’s still there closing people down, putting the graft in and making it difficult for people. He’s made a great start to his Liverpool career and long may it continue.

Stevie G chimed in on El Nino, envoking a great striking memory:

He reminds me of Ian Rush. I know Rush was a great striker and as captain I don’t want to put too much pressure on him in terms of goals. But Rushie got a lot of credit for working hard for the team, tracking back and not giving defenders a minute on the ball. And that’s what Fernando does.

If we keep on delivering through-balls and good service, he has already shown what a great finisher he is.

He got murdered (by Bikey and Duberry) all night and kept coming back and coming back. His goals were great, but the best thing about him was his attitude. I knew he was quick, but what surprised me was his work-rate and attitude.

Let’s temper that praise with this, courtesy of the Goateed One:

Will he start the next game? We will see. I cannot guarantee anything because I like to see my strikers during the week. We have four strikers and if I say now that he will play, it will be easy for Wigan.

I am only thinking about my team. Our supporters are very clever, they know that I am trying to do the best for the team. Fernando knows why he was left out. It was because of space. I didn’t need to explain it too much. All the players want to play in every game.

If you say to me that Dirk Kuyt is a worse striker or Peter Crouch is a worse striker or Andriy Voronin is a worse striker then I would play Torres every game.


3 Responses to “Midweek Hodgepodge”

  1. 1 JT September 26, 2007 at 11:11 am

    Hey Rafa, I’ve got something to say to you: Kuyt is a worse striker than Torres, Voronin is a worse striker than Torres, and Crouch is a much worse striker than Torres.

  2. 2 Bob Marley and the Hartford Whalers September 26, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    JT, I wonder if he’s playing a coy Captain Obvious.

    I’d hope so, but I doubt it.

  3. 3 Georger September 26, 2007 at 5:10 pm


    holy crap united’s team sucked ass. killer performances from nani, andrerson, and carrick
    big thumbs up!

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