Ask Rafa

The Official Site is soliciting questions from fans, for Rafa, for a filmed interview and wants your input.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask the boss – whether it be on football or non-football related matters – then now is your chance.

We’ll select the best questions and put them to Rafa on your behalf when we speak to him at the club’s training ground.

Please try to ensure your question(s) are as original as possible – that way you’ll stand a better chance of having yours answered by the boss.

rafa9.jpgSo, if you’ve got a mind-bender for the Gaffa, send your query to before 4pm (11am EST) this Wednesday.

And if you’ve got a ‘rotation’ question, my guess would be that you’re probably already been beaten to the punch by a few thousand other entries.

You could try ‘dressing it up’, though…

Dear Goateed One,

I’m a young man who enjoys the company of many a lovely lady. In fact, many lovely ladies. While they all are strong, independent, beautiful career women each with their own dynamic and wonderful individual characteristics, is it wrong of me to continue to play the field? I can’t seem to pick just one, but spend time with different ones each night.

Should I force myself to give it a go with the most appealing and see what happens?

–Playing The Field

Or maybe…

Mr. Benitez,

I need some advice concerning my job. I’ve recently been appointed lead manager for what is probably the single most important project my company has untook in almost two decades. While I’m positive that we have most (if not all) the resouces to successfully complete the project and propel the company (and my career) well into the 21st Century, I find myself worried about how to allocate all said resources.

In order to ensure the accuracy of my firm’s work, I’ve reassigned some of my weaker employees to menial tasks in hopes of putting them out-of-the-loop and keeping their less-than-fantastic work from gumming up the works.

Am I wrong to rely on my strongest workers to ensure our success? How should I handle the situation when the ‘lesser’ employees confront me?

–Top Boss

While I’m sure there will be some astute questions posed, I’m intrigued by what Rafa might have to say on true “non-football related matters“…


I live in an apartment building that has a security door and intercom system on the main floor. When a date comes to pick me up, should he come all the way up to my unit or should he remain in the vestibule until I come down?

Or should I buzz him into the lobby and say that I will be right down? Does the answer vary depending upon how many dates I’ve had with him?

–Locked in An Ivory Tower

*one of those is an actual letter to Miss Manners


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