There isn’t currently a match report for a very good reason — I didn’t watch the match.

Blasphemy, right?

Well, after a splendid night in the intoxicating presence of a lovely female, the early morning decision was made to retire at her house, where there would be no Sven’s laptop with SopCast and no way to watch the game… as if I was even going to be in good enough shape to wake up that early.

But upon rising, I thought I might be greeted with an early birthday/Xmas present, but that was not the case. As it turns out, it was probably for the best that I missed the game. My mood is buoyant simply because I didn’t have to suffer the bitter disappointment of watching United stroll out of Anfield with three points. Sure, it hurts to read the result and watch the highlights, but it’s no where near as painful as the knife twisted in the back that the early morning horror show was for y’all. I was more enraged with the Reading result than today’s kick in the nuts because I said to sit and watch that debacle live.

Man, I’m almost glad I missed it.


I’ll catch the replay of the match and go into further detail later, but upon watching some quick highlights I have some immediate thoughts:

  • The goal was a simple but costly mistake by Yossi Benayoun. When the ball gets played out to the top of the box, everybody in the Liverpool defence steps up with the exception of #11, who keeps his place at the far post. Had he made the push out like he should have, Tevez would certainly have been offsides and the teams go into the half scoreless. Understand I’m not demonizing him, just pointing out the slim margin for error in these matches. It was an unlucky turn-of-events, but I trust Rafa will drive home the point in training.
  • By all accounts, Babel was once again impressive in his substitute role. Watching the video of his shot flash across the goal and miss the post by (what looked like) millimeters made my heart skip a beat. It really looked like it was going in, even though I knew beforehand that it wasn’t.
  • The season isn’t even close to being over. While this result certainly doesn’t help matters, putting us further behind the eight ball, there are 22 more matches to be played. That’s 66 points still in play. Plenty of opportunities to make up lost ground in the next five months. Certainly, you could make an argument about the significance of losing to a top-tier team, but the margin was razor thin. This team is capable of beating (and being) the best. Heads up.
  • Maybe we need to bring back Danny Murphy to end this jinx?

1 Response to “D’oh”

  1. 1 Ace Cowboy December 17, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    Cheating on El Nino? That’s blasphemy!

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