What a Birthday Present


Well, another game I slept in for… but not completely.

Sound asleep and dreaming of sugar plums or the such, I missed the first 15-20 minutes or so of the match. It probably would have been more if I hadn’t been woken up with a birthday call from a good friend.

Yes, today I turned 31. And Liverpool presented me with quite the gift, El Nino’s brace the extravagant bow on top. (Pardon the self-promotion, but since I won’t do it in ‘real-life’, I’ll do it here.)

Because it’s my Special Day (i.e. I’m going to lay on the couch and watch my new ’30 Rock’ DVDs), I won’t go into great detail about the match (the always detailed Nate can help you there). Nor, since I was tending to my phone calls through the match, did I keep a running log of the game. My apologies.

But what I will say about the match is that it is precisely the sort of result we all expect to see from a squad who we know is capable of a title challenge. Granted, even if we win the game in hand, we’re still seven points out. But do you really think Chelsea, Arsenal and United are all walking away with the full allotment of Holiday points this year? (Robbie Keane fucked us today) All the boys can do right now is put down their heads, work hard and worry about their own results. We’ll see where we are come February/March.

Back to the game… Liverpool had the match well under control by the 20th minute, dictating possession and bossing the game around Pompey. The second half was a bit different, with the visitors putting in more visible effort. Eventually, they got the goal that threatened to put them back in the game when Riise stabbed/jumped past Benjani, who finished with an assassin’s (or El Nino’s)coolness and accuracy. To lose the cleansheet is somewhat aggravating, but at least it was on a shot of high quality. (Despite Riise getting used…)

Filled with confidence, Portsmouth looked ready to give Liverpool more of a game for about ten minutes, but eventually my Man Crush popped up and off with two goals, sealing the visitor’s fate and our three points.

I thought everybody played well. Obviously, El Nino continues to bring a stupid grin to my face with his class. But, most of all, I’m extremely happy with the play of our wingers (Babel included). JT, I know you’re not a Kewell fan, but when healthy, he’s effective.

Rafa on a job well done:

First of all it was a great performance from the team. In the first half we were really good. We started really well and were creating chances and scoring goals. We were a little nervous when Portsmouth scored their goal and we needed the third goal. Torres provided that for us.

You know Torres is always a threat when he runs in behind defenders. He has a very good mentality and he has no problem with the physical aspect of the Premier League. He showed his quality and his pace.

So, then… We travel to Derby on Boxing Day. Everybody remembers the damage we did to them earlier in the season, so another three points away from home should be a more than achievable (ok, EXPECTED) result.

Read the Official Site’s match report.

Benayoun’s excellent full-volley goal.

Distin helps out.

Benjani threads the near post.

Torres’ opportunistic put-back.

Torres with yet another brace!

Hope you kids have an enjoyable Xmas! Sorry for short-changing y’all, but…


3 Responses to “What a Birthday Present”

  1. 1 JP December 22, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    Happy Birthday!

    Glad to hear that your Scousers helped to make it a special day. Also, 30 Rock is a fantastic show. It’s my favorite.

  2. 2 lingeringbursitis December 23, 2007 at 10:58 am

    Yep, I was happy about Kewell. I want him to impress enough clubs that he finds a new home when the transfer window opens.

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