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Through Balls

While I aspire to put up more numbers like the phenomenal Fernando Torres than less-than-consistent (but ever hard-working)Dirk Kuyt, I’ve got a few Liverpool odds and ends worth sorting through.

In the newspaper business (and maybe even in Television, where I work, but I don’t pay enough attention),they say “Don’t bury the lead”, so we’ll start off with the juiciest of all the LFC stories.

As it seems, Tom Hicks Jr. (obvious son of Jackass) decided to stop by the famed Sandon, the famed pub that bleeds Liverpool red before and after matches, a bit after the ‘Boro victory. According to reports, after taking pictures of the pub, Junior went inside (with security detail — who, it’s been said, warned him the pub visit was not a wise choice) because he “wanted to go for quite some time to see the birthplace of the club” and “also wanted the opportunity to have a direct talk with some of the supporters.”

Son of the American owner in a bar where the diehards hang out. I wonder, how would he be received?

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Slurp Slurp

Many ‘experts’ will tell you that in order to keep a long-term relationship going strong, that both parties have to make an effort to not get comfortable and remind one another how much they care for each other and why. Since it’s been awhile since we’ve had some quality non-sexual Man Crushing ’round these here parts, I thought it appropriate to freshen the metaphorical cocktail and restate my love for El Nino after he showed his with Saturday’s hat-trick against Boro.


Those three goals (The first, the sublime second, the thirdall courtesy of 101GreatGoals) bring his season total to 21, 15 of those in the league (good for third on the scoring chart).

Yes, that’s 21 goals in seven months. In his first season in a new league. With roughly two and a half months still to play. And yes, 21 is more than 20 (while 15 isn’t…) and that makes Fernando the mystical 20-goal striker so many fans have been clamoring for since Little Mikey Owen netted 28 times (19 in the PL, all during the 02-03 campaign).

Knowing he’s been the one of the few consistently bright spots for the club this term, The Gaffa sounds off what will likely be the best buy of his career (though, let’s hope not…):

It is not easy for a foreign player to come into the English league and settle straight away. But he has done that so well. He has power and pace, he can kill defenders with his pace.

He has proved to be a great signing. Last summer we had 10 names we were considering, then it was down to three. But we went for Fernando because he was hungry and had the style to handle the Premier League.

It is difficult to score 20 goals for anyone in a season, but he has done that well before the end of the campaign. Everything is possible now for him as he progresses in the game here.

My question now is, can we find a Rush to compliment El Nino’s Dalglish? (or would it be the other way ’round?)


The first leg of the Inter tie certainly was the tonic we all needed after the Barnsley debacle.

Yet, I’m not here to discuss either of those matches or anything in much depth. Later this week, I’d like to examine where it is that Liverpool may (or may not) be headed.

But, in the meantime, I’ve penned another half of a Point/Counterpoint over at Unprofessional Foul. The topic? ‘Liverpool should sell Steven Gerrard’.

You can guess what side of the fence I’m now. Take a look.

And here’s the opposite view.

Now excuse me, I’m going to rewatch the ‘Pool/Inter match now.

From Sven (the Grey) to Sven (the White)…

I come back to you now, at the turn of the tide…

I know it’s been awhile. And for that, I’m sorry. But, you’ve heard this from me before, haven’t you?

Indeed. So it seems, I’ve become somewhat of a Darren Anderton since the Holidays — perpetually out ‘with injury’.

But, now that my professional life seems to have settled and my day-to-day schedule finds regularity, I hope to lace the writing boots back up and force my way back into your metaphorical Starting XI. While it’ll take a few more weeks to regain my full ‘fitness’, I’ve successfully completed a short run out over at Unprofessional Foul, where my non-Liverpool specific footy writings will be found from now on.

You can read my latest effort here.

And, watch this space…