Through Balls

While I aspire to put up more numbers like the phenomenal Fernando Torres than less-than-consistent (but ever hard-working)Dirk Kuyt, I’ve got a few Liverpool odds and ends worth sorting through.

In the newspaper business (and maybe even in Television, where I work, but I don’t pay enough attention),they say “Don’t bury the lead”, so we’ll start off with the juiciest of all the LFC stories.

As it seems, Tom Hicks Jr. (obvious son of Jackass) decided to stop by the famed Sandon, the famed pub that bleeds Liverpool red before and after matches, a bit after the ‘Boro victory. According to reports, after taking pictures of the pub, Junior went inside (with security detail — who, it’s been said, warned him the pub visit was not a wise choice) because he “wanted to go for quite some time to see the birthplace of the club” and “also wanted the opportunity to have a direct talk with some of the supporters.”

Son of the American owner in a bar where the diehards hang out. I wonder, how would he be received?

(a) Nobody is going to recognize an American in a two thousand dollar suit flanked by bodyguards.

(b) He would be greeted as a liberator.

(c) Is that dude still alive?

Not shockingly, the response, whilst not as bad as the last option, wasn’t far off. Apparently, one fan quickly approached him to voice his discontent with the way the club was being run in an animated fashion. Well, the rest of the pub quickly took that idea and ran with it and started singing protest songs. I can only imagine that it took about a minute of that (with the occasional assumed nasty comments) to make Junior rethink his decision. Word is, he quickly pulled the plug after one patron showered him with his pint and another spit at him.

For his part, young Hicks also added:

I respect that some patrons have major disagreement with us, but that comes with the territory. I did have several constructive conversations in my short visit and look forward to following up with them next time I am in Liverpool.

If by ‘following up with them’, he means ‘getting curb-stomped’, my bet is that there probably are a few lads willing to set up an appointment, regardless of the fact that he’s probably only guilty of being Son of Jackass.

Moving on…

El Nino is making all the right noises after his awesome effort, making his backing of Rafa quite evident:

You cannot score three goals in a game without the help of your manager and your team-mates so I would like to thank them. The manager signed me for Liverpool so I am really grateful for that, and he also works with me all the time trying to improve me and make me a better player. I think my game has already improved and will continue to improve under Rafa Benitez.

The most important thing is that the team is successful, that is the only thing that matters. If I score some goals that help us to win things then I will be very happy, but it is all about the team.

I came here to win things because I have never won anything as a senior player. I won medals when I was an under-16 and an under-19 player but that was a long time ago. Hopefully we will win something this season but if that does not happen then next season. I have signed a six-year contract so I am here for a long time and if things go well hopefully I will be here for even longer.

I have 21 goals this season and that pleases me because it is my best season yet but I am not thinking about scoring 30 because what makes me most happy is when the team wins, not when I score.

The Kop is such a special place and it means so much to everyone associated with Liverpool Football Club. The fans have been fantastic with me since I first came to the club and I would like to thank them because their support has been a big help.

 Speaking of Saturday’s victory, here’s four minutes of highlights, should you be so inclined.

In transfer talk, Brazilian fullback Rafinha has spoken on his being linked from Schalke to Anfield move this summer:

Liverpool is a top destination. If a move would suit Schalke as well as myself, we can discuss it.

A Brazilian for each side, eh?

Keeping with the ying and yang, when you talk about buying, you must also talk about selling (Can’t you hear Rafa saying that last part?). Scott Carson, who’s doing a fine job on loan at Villa, is getting a bit fussy about the clarity of his situation (or lack thereof):

I’d like to know what is happening because I’ve got my girlfriend and my son to think about. My son turned two last week and he’s started going to nursery school so we need to get settled.

I’ve still got a contract with Liverpool and until someone does a deal with them, I can’t do anything. It’s not a done deal. Villa paid a loan fee for me until the end of the season and anytime from now until then, they could make it permanent.

I can’t really say where I’d like to be because I’m still under contract at Liverpool and I don’t know what is going to happen there. I like it at Villa and I want to get settled for next season.

There’s not a lot I can do. I’ve got three years left at Liverpool and I don’t know what Aston Villa are thinking. I don’t know if there is anything else in the pipe-line. We will have to wait and see.

There’s not a lot we can do. Except gripe about it. And then wait and see.


2 Responses to “Through Balls”

  1. 1 ArkansasLFCSupporter February 26, 2008 at 9:53 am

    What in blue shizel was Junior thinking going in there? Good grief! I feel bad he was mistreated, but how could he not have seen that coming!?

  2. 2 Keith March 7, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Another hat-trick for the man-crush. Couldn’t you have just put up a picture of Fernando for us all to ogle over (ehem — in a completely heterosexual, way of course — cough).

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