We Got The Hook-up

So, after Stevie G’s comments/grousing/whining/refreshing admission, the Reds have turned up the heat on the pretenders for fourth place with their improved form. Regardless of what you might have thought about the captain’s words, there is no denying that the team have gone about their business since the Barnsley loss, setting themselves up nicely for the return leg at the San Siro and dispatching their last four league opponents, each with no less than three goals in each match. Granted, these were clubs who make up the bottom half of the league table, but we all know that has not necessarily guaranteed a Liverpool result in days past (well, it never does, really…).

Obviously, leading the line (figuratively and literally) is El Nino. 25 goals in 34 matches, 18 in the league, 13 goals in the last 12 starts… At this point, having been on the his bandwagon from Day One, I’m at serious risk of developing a medical condition from all the slurping I’ve continually thrown his way (in fact, we may have to consider changing the name of this blog). So, I’ll grab a quick breather and let King Kenny do it for me (whose replica ’81 Hitachi jersey I just got in the mail the other day) in a rather succinct manner:

Torres just oozes class in attack. For me the kid is the best buy anywhere in Europe this season. The worrying thing for everyone else is the fact that I can only see him getting better and better as the season continues.

Best buy of the season, hands down. Hell, he could be Liverpool’s best buy of the decade. Especially since Dalglish is spot on — he will likely only get better. Granted, he hit the ground running but imagine what next season could hold with the knowledge and experience he’s gained from this season?

But, that’s not what I’m really on about today. What really fills me with hope/excitement is the obvious partnership being formed. While we all would like another productive striker to put up top with Torres, he’s already forged himself quite the understanding with the other World Class player on the pitch — Stevie Gerrard.


(pic: Getty Images/Clive Brunskill)

Watch today’s El Nino goal — how lovely is that Gerrard pass? It’s not the first time we’ve seen it. And, ever the gentleman, Fernando returned the favor. These two work incredibly well together and are meshing in a promising manner. Having two players buildling a monsterous pipeline from midfield to the front line should result in continued returns.

No doubt, there are a few additions (and some attention paid to consistency) yet to be made to truly make this a squad that can lift the Premier League trophy. But, I’m optimistic (it’s a disease, really) that the future remains lit (I’ll hold off on ‘bright’) with these two titans playing together.

So, as the rest of month promises Inter, United and the Bitters, here’s a toast to the continued fruition of El Fantastico — the new partnership.


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