Michael Caine Movie Reference

1-0 (3-0 aggregate). Liverpool advance, Milan goes stays home and Mancini is quitting.

I canz unclench butt muscles now?

So, the team continues to prove it knows how to advance through Europe. While Inter had their chances, everybody on the pitch for Liverpool did their jobs effectively. I won’t go into a review of the performances now, but maybe we can talk more about Europe on Friday after the drawing for the Quarterfinals.

(edit: This is a particularly enjoyable first-hand account of the match by Robert Gotta)

Bringing back an old favorite (of mine, not necessarily yours)… my thoughts on (from during) the match:

  • I really like the Liverpool training gear. The white track top is particularly sharp. I need to put that thought out of my head… As if that’s just what I really need — more fucking Liverpool gear.
  • ESPN is already on top of their game, running video of Arsenal’s Fabergas when Tommy Smyth is talking about El Nino. Truly the World Wide Leader…
  • I remember a time when I actually feared Patrick Vieira’s influence on a game. Now? *laugh* His inclusion is good news.
  • Obviously, Rafa thinks highly of Skrtel (or ‘Skittles’ as JT has named him) if he’s pushing Carra out to deputize at right back (with Arbeloa available). Yet, it also gives them some flexibility with three centerbacks on the field. Having another young CB learning the ropes should prove invaluable next season once we have the DAgger back.
  • Babel gets a yellow card for… um… ignoring the ref’s direction to line up with the wall? Meh…
  • What started off as Liverpool pressure has evolved into constant Inter pressure. I worry about defending for such long periods of time over the duration.
  • I find it amusing everytime somebody talks or writes about Alonso missing the game, it’s b/c ‘his girlfriend is having a baby’. A baby… they never say his baby. I understand it’s assumed, but I have yet to read a single report saying he stayed back in Liverpool for ‘the birth of his child’. Maybe they know something I don’t? (I’m kidding…)
  • Kuyt and Carra try to get an exchange going on the right wing with poor results. Cue ‘The Odd Couple’ music.
  • Torres and Gerrard try to link up, but the captain’s shot is blocked. I’m just waiting for those two to flip the switch on a counter-attack.
  • Babel looks bigger (as in more muscular) to me than he did when he first arrived at Anfield.
  • Liverpool finally get forward with numbers on a counter, but Kuyt’s cross only finds the head of an Inter player.
  • Babel almost gets sprung free with a long ball. Well, technically he did get sprung, but couldn’t latch onto the ball as Cesar comes out to intervene. He looks full of intent tonight.
  • I like this 4-2-3-1, but we need to have Dirk work on his crossing in the summer. But, with his workrate, I think he would.
  • Skrtel must have a solid five inches of tape on his shinguards.
  • Torres skips through the box after Cambiasso shits possession away. Cesar does well to keep El Nino from slotting that ball home from a tight angle and killing this tie off early.
  • Holy shit… Ibrahimovic puts Cruz into the box cleanly but he puts his shot wide across the goal… with a teammate unmarked across the box. Liverpool dodge a bullet.
  • Kuyt can’t half-volley a Babel cross cleanly, but it was dangerous work nonetheless.
  • Cruz dances through two Liverpool players and is rewarded by getting wiped clean by Mascherano (cleanly, I’ll add).
  • Kuyt just shot the ball square into Rivas’ crotch. And then it hit Kuyt in the face and out for a goal kick.
  • Burdisso tries an interesting attempt to defend Kuyt after falling down by planting his foot into the chest of the passing ‘winger’. He is rewarded for his ingenuity with a yellow card.
  • We see a shot of Rafa. I’m thinking, for next year… a full beard.
  • Ten to play in the half and I’m content for the game to continue like it has for most of this half. Inter has gotten forward, but true danger has been relatively scarce.
  • I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the continued education of Lucas. Already an improvement over Momo. (Did you see that overhead kick he scored with for Juve last week?)
  • Beautiful 40-some yard cross-field pass from Gerrard to Kuyt, who plays it behind a crashing Torres in the box.
  • Torres really hasn’t gotten too many touches on the ball in the first half. If we can change that in the second, I like our chances of getting the killer goal.
  • Inter pass the ball very well inside their opponent’s box.
  • Reina comes to the rescue as Cruz backheels from point-blank range. *exhale* A goal right before half would have been a swift kick to the testes.
  • It occurs to me as the commentators talk about Torres’ back-to-back Anfield hat-tricks that, in accomplishing that feat, El Nino did what Dalglish, Rush, Keegan, Owen or Fowler never did.
  • Skrtel has a good amount of ink of his arm, much like DAgger. Note to all Liverpool scouts, stay on the look-out for young, inked-up centerbacks. This is obviously a mark of distinction.
  • HALF. No goals. I can live with this. As I look back, I must be out of practice, because most of this commentary really isn’t game-specific. Or, maybe, I’ve always been like this and I’m just now realizing it.
  • Gerrard collects a yellow after a rash tackle on Cambiasso trying to regain possession outside the Inter box. A shame, as he was gliding along the box just looking for an open window to fire away.
  • Liverpool’s back line have developed the worrying habit of freezing when a ball is played through, in hopes of getting the offsides call. Problem is, all it takes is one of those to go wrong and we’re fucked.
  • Burdisso takes Lucas’ outstretched leg out and earns himself a yellow. His second yellow, in fact. Deja vu — 10 on 11. This bodes well for Liverpool.
  • Oh… Kuyt puts a ball across the box to Torres but is denied.
  • Aurielo picks up a yellow for contact with Cruz. Inter get a dangerous free kick right outside the corner of the 18. Ibrahimovic kicks a field goal.
  • WHAT?!?!? On the resulting goal kick, Reina plays it up the middle, short (literally, 20 yard out), to Skittles who turns and passes it straight to Ibrahimovic. The Swede stridese into the box and whips his shot across the goal, barely missing. How did he miss that? What was Skrtel thinking? He’s lucky to have gotten away with crapping the bed like that without severe punishment.
  • Rivas wipes Babel’s face clean with his forearm after the Dutchman threatens to go past him into the Inter box. Yellow and a decent Liverpool free kick chance. Stevie G forces Cesar to tip the resulting kick over.
  • Benayoun comes on for Babel. Orange boots for red boots.
  • GOAL!!!! Aurielo steals the ball away, passes to Torres right inside the 18, who collects it, spins and fires a sublime shot past Chivu, low and inside the near post, only inches from Cesar! This fucking game is OVER!
  • Say the name with me… Fernando Fucking Torres.
  • It appears Liverpool smell blood in the water as they push forward for another chance.
  • Torres into the box, takes it outside, swings it to Gerrard in the box…. and his shot is right at the ‘keeper.
  • Benayoun goes across the box with a shot/cross but Cesar parries it for a corner.
  • Mascherano is a bulldog. Stankovic gets a yellow for taking him out, then Benayoun gets one a minute later.
  • Did I just hear that right? ESPN is now showing UEFA Cup matches (that aren’t the final)? I wasn’t paying attention. Surely, that can’t be the case.
  • Reina passes it short up the middle on another fucking goal kick, once again with defender RIGHT THERE. What the fuck?
  • Ibrahamovic gets free and skies it over, harmlessly. Then, Mancini pulls the plug on him.
  • Riise on for Kuyt.
  • Tommy Smyth raises a good point… one more yellow and Carra sits, yet he’s still out there. Well, there’s only nine plus left to play and Carra knows how to behave himself. Still…
  • Oh! Riise plays a ball from the goal line across to Torres, but Inter defends. Almost an easy knock-in.
  • Chivu with a yellow after taking Gerrard’s leg. My heart drops for a second but the captain is up quickly enough.
  • The Liverpool fans are seranading their boys with ‘Ole’ after each pass. Well done.
  • Pennant for the Bulldog. Man, I’m glad we’ve got that motherfucker signed up permanently.
  • Riise takes a hopeful sorta-laser shot. Flashes well wide.
  • FINAL!

2 Responses to “Michael Caine Movie Reference”

  1. 1 Keith March 12, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    “ESPN is already on top of their game, running video of Arsenal’s Fabergas when Tommy Smyth is talking about El Nino. Truly the World Wide Leader…”

    Haha — I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about this kind of stuff as well. I was gonna say, it’s not an ESPN televised broadcast if we don’t have crowd shots of random people’s faces throughout the entire match, and sure enough…

  2. 2 beingsven March 12, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I will say, I’m fairly confident ESPN has no control over the actual video feed, as they’re just taking it from a pool and putting their own announcers on top of it. I was watching German highlights last night through 101 Great Goals, and it’s the exact same shots in the exact same order.

    That said, ESPN getting the rights to broadcast the PL stateside would be disasterous… if only b/c it would likely slash the number of games we could see, as we get a good number b/w FSC and Setanta.

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