Inter-Premiership Moves

There are whispers that Emiliano Insua could be on his way to the Tyneside as Kevin Keegan is eager to bring the young Argentinian aboard at Newcastle… for a loan spell. Granted, the Barcodes already have Jose Enrique slotted in there, but the 19-year old could provide some competition/insurance.

Quite frankly, I’m all for this sort of move. Even if he’s initially on the bench, Insua would likely to eventually feature and any Premiership (sorry, but those ‘-ships’ are going to slip from time to tim) experience would be invaluable in his development. So, let’s send him off to King Kevin and let him experience life on the other side of the league tracks.

And… After Martin O’Neill let it spill let Arsenal were looking over LFC’s shoulder at Gareth Barry (who’s in out-of-the-cold and back in training), the London club’s role in our summer has gotten even more ridiculous/interesting (depending on your level of belief/gullability). In their search to replace Flamini, the Arse are now supposedly eyeing up Xabi Alonso to fill their current void at holding/deep midfielder. Would Rafa really be so desperate to raise funds that he’d cash in on Xabi and send such a talented passer to one of our chief rivals?

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. It makes for fun summer reading, though.


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