Your New Favorite Club

Maybe you’ve heard (though it’s just as likely you haven’t), but Liverpool have themselves a little brother.

If you’ve ever dreamed of ‘a team full of Carraghers’…

A nice, quick read from the Guardian concerning AFC Liverpool.


1 Response to “Your New Favorite Club”

  1. 1 Peter Walsh August 11, 2008 at 8:34 am

    If you have not heard, AFC Liverpool won their First game in the Vodkat North West Counties League Division 1 on Saturday. The score was a resounding 5-0 and it could have been many more, we hit the bar, the Darwen goalkeeper made a few good saves but overall Darwen were well outclassed. Darwen did start off quite lively, but after 20 minutes when Martin Smeaton scored our first goal, the AFC Liverpool fans started to celebrate. Shortly after Darwen did have the ball in the net, but to the delight of the home crowd it was disalowd and to give Darwen credit, they did compete until half time.
    The second half was totally different, kicking towards the kop end, to the sound of : We are the Kop of AFC Liverpool, we run riot scoring a further four goals and it could have been many more.

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