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The #7 With A Smile

Take a look at Liverpool’s new #7.

Watch a big chunk of his introductory interview over on the BBC.


Liverpool Scouting

On the heels of another Liverpool youth signing — PSG’s 19-year old striker, David Ngog (for somewhere in the neighborhood of £1.5million) — there’s an interesting interview with LFC’s chief scout, Eduardo Macia, on the official site.

My favorite excerpt:

Nobody can know who you are. I try to stay out of the spotlight because it’s more beneficial if people don’t recognise my face. I don’t like to be in the newspaper. If they know you then they will be able to know what player you are looking at. You are working for your club, nobody else so it’s important not to show other clubs what you’re doing.

I rather like the idea of scouting for Liverpool as being just as secretive as working for the NSA or CIA. (until some cunt uses a bitter douchebag of a journalist to out you)

As for the Ngog buy… all the press says he didn’t score for PSG but does so in all the France youth set-ups (Is Ged still working for us?). He’s also supposedly quite fast. Hmmmm…. pacy but doesn’t score? Sounds like another French striker we’ve had on the books before (who is also angling for a return to the Premier League). Yet, Ngog didn’t cost all that much and he’s got plenty of time to learn (signed a four-year contract). Maybe he’ll come good…

In other transfer news, left winger Sebastian Leto may be on his way to Greece on a season-long loan. The 21-year old Argentinian has ongoing issues with his passport (which preventing him from featuring much for us last season), so Rafa is shipping him off to get some first-team experience with Olympiakos.

Fortune Smiles

Audentis Fortuna iuvat

— from Virgil’s Aeneid — translated as ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Sit back and expect things to happen and they tend not to materialize. Put on a brave face and step forward to forge your own luck and good things tend to (eventually) happen. 

I tend to think this is a good rule of thumb for both football and life in general. 

This quote is close to my heart as I’ve come incredibly close to having it inked onto my forearm. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as I didn’t), it’s a mantra I have not always embraced in actual practice. Neither have Liverpool. But, it would seem, both of us realize the folly of our ways and are endeavoring to change them for the better.

Firstly, me… I’ve wrestled with letting this blog die because of issues in my personal life which have kept me away and I was fast losing my lust for writing. The muse had gone silent and I’ve looked back at a body of work that is quite mediocre. Too often I’ve rushed pieces to publish for the sake of getting them done, without taking time to properly craft them. And for what? I’m not getting paid. So why aren’t I taking the time to put my best work out there? What’s another two hours?

While I’ve written drafts (that I ultimately didn’t publish) the last week, it wasn’t until I watched Charlie Rose interview Jay-Z last night that I decided I needed to stick with it for the right reasons. For the love of the game and the love of writing. While the HOVA is chasing history, I need to climb my own summit. I need to strive to sharpen my own game and build back up the muscles I’ve allowed to atrophy through indifference.

The posts may not always come as quick as they once did. I still have a personal & professional life to tend to. But, I’m not going to abandon the blog or all you good people who, for whatever reasons, have elected to come back time after time.

Quite simply, shit is going to tighten up ’round these parts. This is my promise. 

It’s time to be brave.

And it would seem, Liverpool may have realized the same.

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A Bunch of Turkeys

My life has been a lot like Liverpool’s recent performances and results lately; I’m not sure which each day will bring or how it will end up. But, much like the team, I’ve ever hopeful that an incredible purple patch is right around the corner that will lead both the club and my life back where it belongs.

In unrelated news, I’ve had a slight cold the past few days, but I donned the jersey (which I hadn’t worn in awhile) in hopes that a spectacular performance would make me feel that much better.

Sadly, it worked quite the opposite way.


Liverpool deserve all the criticism they’re going to get after this loss. But, I’m not going to get angry because I have better things to get worked up about. I’ll let everybody else do it — and rightfully so.

Let me point out a pre-match quote from John Arne Riise:

We have only four games left in this group now, so the time for mistakes is over.

Apparently, everybody didn’t get the memo.

A 2-1 loss puts qualification to the knock-out round in serious jeopardy (What is the result of reoccurring amatuerish defensive lapses, Alex?). Basically, there are now two schools of thought:

  1. The Pessimist: We’re fucked. Absolutely cooked. This team is butt-naked last in the group and has NO chance of digging themselves out of the abyss they’ve fallen jumped into. The Champions League dream is dead and they should start focusing on the league immediately.
  2. The Optimist: We’re in a shitload of trouble. Qualification might happen if we can win out, get goal difference on our side, the stars align and the other results go our way. Oh, who am I kidding? We’re fucked. Absolutely cooked.

Frankly, I’m writing Europe off.

Rafa, this team better be ready come Sunday for Arsenal. Because a loss versus the Gunners and the knives will rightfully be out.

Get your shit together, lads. You have about half the equation worked out right now. You’re playing the ball quickly and intelligently, but the defending is woefully lacking and your passing and efforts tend to get lazy after an hour. Sort it out.

The first Besiktas goal.

The second Besiktas goal.

Too little, too late from Gerrard.

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 The January transfer window has come and gone, and unlike its more glamorous summer brother, provided no sensational blockbuster moves. Since we’re waist-deep in the season, it’s understandable that only teams facing the long descent back into the mire of the Championship want to gamble by making radical changes to their squads.

Sadly, we weren’t treated to any last-minute ‘shockers’ like August’s Ashley Cole – William Gallas swap. While teams chasing silverware might benefit by adding a cog here or a widget there, this year’s window may just be as noteworthy for the transfers that didn’t happen then the ones that did. A look at January’s most notable business:

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